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Since high school I was excited by the sciences and by the world of bits and bytes. I studied physics in Bonn and wrote my diploma thesis in theoretical particle physics. Through a lecture on the numerics of differential equations, through working as supervisor in a computer pool and through development of FORTRAN programms for my thesis computers and software development were an important aspect of my studies.

After my studies I worked some time as research assistant but then moved to the private sector working for several IT companies in Germany often in an international context.

My professional experience, compiled in my CV, now encompasses a period of over two decades: from software developer to head of department and beeing P&L accountable. My technical focus is on development of custom enterprise applications in an international context and mostly based on Java technologies, close to my heart is generative software development.

Hobbies and Honarary Posts

Since 1982 I am into Karate and have chosen it as my life long sports. My home dojos are the Karate Section in the SSF Bonn and the Shotokan Karate Dojo Yujo Sankt Augustin, where I am in the trainer team.

As a divorced parent I am member of the Väteraufbruch für Kinder and have been active for several years in the Bonn Chapter and for two years in the general managing board. Even if not as active anymore, I still recommend this non-profit organization to other affected parents.

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