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… at my place in the world wide web. It serves as a loose-leaf collection on several topics that I work on from time to time, mostly around the development of software.

Informations connected to a date are presented in the Blog.

"Timeless" material on software development is collected under Programming. For the time being it has two focal points: model transformations in QVT Operational and building my web site with the static generator Pelican.

Recommendations on learning materials are below Learning.

About Me

An overview of my professional expertise is in my CV, More personal informations are on page "About me".

After a longer period of employment since beginning of 2016 I resumed working as a freelancer. If you are interested in a collaboration please get in contact via my e-mail address .

Recent Posts

Tue, 05 Apr 2016 My Unparser for Eclipse QVTo
By means of the feature to save a QVTo AST model into a qvto file it will be possible to create QVTo transformations by other EMF tools incl. QVTo itself.[continue reading]

Wed, 16 Mar 2016 Putting an End to Analysis-Paralysis
After too much of pondering and investigation which tools to use for building my home site, I found a conclusion and my pages with Pelican and Skeleton.[continue reading]

Sun, 06 Mar 2016 QVTo Issues Found During Unparser Development
During implementation of QvtOperationalResourceImpl.save() I came across a few gaps that the QVTo Parser leaves behind in the AST.[continue reading]

Thu, 03 Dec 2015 SiriusCon
Early in December I combined the pleasant with the useful and attended first-time SiriusCon in Paris as well as visited old friends.[continue reading]

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