Thu, 03 Dec 2015 (blogged on Mi, 16 Mär 2016)
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Early in December I combined the pleasant with the useful and attended first-time SiriusCon in Paris as well as visited old friends.

Talks I Attended

From the french department of defense Didier Féret and Arnaud Le Griel reported on "Safr@n: Combining Several DSLs to Analyze, Design and Generate Normalized Applications". This framework builds upon open source tools Spi4J and Pacman, which is published by the department of defense under Apache License.

Then Laurent Broudoux (MMA Insurance-Covéa) presented "EIP Designer: Filling the Gap Between Enterprise Architecture and Software Dev". Similarly, EIP Designer is open source and a tool that allows to model with Enterprise Integration Patterns in a building-brick manner. For that purpose an EIP specific EMF Metamodel was designed. Using Acceleo artifacts can be generated out of it. And using EMFCompare updates onto the artifacts can be fed back into the origin model.

The talk by Stéphane Barbey of the Swiss Paranor AG was titled "Sirius Viewpoints and Software Modernization". It focused on model based migration of software. An approach called Respec enabled extraction of business locic from legacy code as a model.

Alexandra Boeuf of Airbus then highlighted "eWORMS, the Eclipse WORkflow Management System for Flight Physicists at Airbus", a workflow system supporting the interaction of several high performance computing tools. Based on an EMF metamodel it sports graphical editors build upon Sirius.

After the lunch break the conference continued with Cédric Brun's presentation of the "Sirius Roadmap".

With "Tip & Tricks: How to Make Robust and Scalable Modeling Workbenches" Maxime Porhel gave a comprehensive overview on best practices when developing with Sirius.

Concurrent team work on models was highlighted by Pierre-Charles David with "Collaborative Modeling with Sirius: from Model Fragments to Shared-Repository". He compared conflict avoidance by fragmentation of models into submodels (fragment) with fine granular pessimistic locking supported by a repository.

Ákos Horváth from Hungarian IncQuery Labs reported on "EMF-IncQuery: Blazing Fast Reaction Times Even for Very Large Diagrams". I knew his talk from his similar presentation at the EclipseCon in Ludwigsburg. EMF-IncQuery focuses on high performace model queries to support working with and processing of large models. The integration with Sirius is available asa proof of concept. Further development is required

Lastly Loredana Chituc went into questions of design and layout with "All the Little Things That Make Your Graphical Tool Shine (or not)"


The first SiriusCon felt to be a spot on event of the Obeo company. Particularly the broad spectrum of Sirus users, who shaped the morning with their contributions, proved to be interesting and remarkable.

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