Programming for the WWW

For the time being I write here about the construction of my web site and the experiences I gathered on the used tool set.

As my web site does not feature any application behaviour I was looking from the start for a minimalistic approach. Certainly I do not intend to hand code HTML in emacs, but e.g. TYPO3 CMS, that I know sufficiently and that I have applied both in professional and private contexts, seems to be a great deal to much.

Through Internet research I came across static blog generators. At first I had a look at Jekyll, but it did not click with me. Arun Ravindran's Bericht made me aware of pelican, which seemed suitable. Moreover there are plenty of themes available for pelican at Being in minimalist mode I wasn't 100% satisfied with any of them.

Hence a short bout of the Not-Invented-Here-Syndrome lead to the design of a most individual theme. Brushes up HTML5 and CSS3 knowledge but otherwise was not successful.

Analysis-Paralysis is often the ugly flip-side of an essentially reasonable approach. It is the dose that matters.

A recent article in German c't magazine introduced skeleton. The minimalistic stance of that tool fit perfectly. Therewith the search for tools was closed.

Building My Web Site

using Pelican, Python and Skeleton: Jinja2 filters complement localisation, detailed METADATA, plugin for page relations and an asymmetric space response for Skeleton.

Copyright © 2016 Uwe Ritzmann - Created with Pelican, Python and Skeleton.